Recycling the cycles

  • 8th March 2010

It has been common for some time now for companies to try and offset their employees carbon footprint and therefore themselves by offering better ways for them to get into work.

These cycle schemes have been one of these projects, giving employees the chance to get fit while also doing their bit for the environment.

At the NHS, it has been up to the individual Trusts to decide whether or not to take up this particular scheme, and while it has had some success, the numbers of employees using this scheme hasn’t exactly broken any records.

The NHS even has an informal cycling website, which has seen its site output reduce with the last monthly article being posted in February 2009. This is a shame, as cycling represents one of the best ways in which the NHS can help its members cut carbon emissions and save money, too. The cycling schemes elsewhere have been fairly successful; it stands to reason that the NHS would equally benefit from it.

Should a huge public sector establishment such as the NHS take the lead and really push the benefits of cycling to work and create proper facilities that can accommodate such a move (Trafford PCT for example spent money made by recycling ink cartridges on better lockers) this would in turn create a much more attractive proposition for the scheme.

Bikes for the NHS is a website set up to promote the use of cycles and to act as a portal for cycling enthusiasts. To find out more about this project and what it can achieve for you, please visit



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