Ten Reasons for Recycling

According to estimates, every American produces an average of 7.5 pounds of trash on a daily basis.  This number may seem little but when you add it up, said waste will amount to one ton of trash a year!  Now, multiply that with the US population and you will quickly realize why we need to recycle our wastes lest we find ourselves on sinking boat of trash.  With that being said, here are ten more reason to recycle now.

1- It Makes For Good Economy

Junk Car Recycling makes good economic sense in many ways.  Many states profit from recycling revenues, often running in the billions of dollars, which can then be poured into making the economy stronger.  It does not hurt either that our country exports its recycled products to other nations.  Also, many companies rely on recycled materials to produce new products.

2- It Creates Jobs

The recycling industry is on a roll.  As such, it requires manpower that means more jobs even in these recessionary times.  In fact, the industry earns more than $236 billions annually, employs more than 1 million workers and continues to do so.

3- It Reduces Waste

This is a no-brainer as recycling is intended to lessen the wastes in our landfills.  And you should know by now of the negative impact of landfills on the environment in the form of toxic leaks into the soil, which breeds a host of other societal problems.

4- It Is Eco-Friendly

Another no-brainer as recycling does utilize fewer natural resources and require lesser energy, not to mention lessening the burden on the landfills and other trash areas of the nation.

5- It Saves Energy

Instead of using virgin materials that require greater energy expenditures to transform into their final forms, recycling old materials utilize only about half of the energy.  Take the case of recycling aluminum, which saves on 90 percent of costs necessary to make aluminum from scratch.

6- It Lessens the Burden on the Land

Take the example of a company that contacted local contractors to use their stockpiled mountains of glass to use as substitutes for sand and gravel in building roads and highways.  You can just imagine the space said stockpile will take in the landfills.

7- It Mitigates Global Warming

Each waster material that we recycle means fewer amounts of greenhouse gases being emitted into the air, thus, mitigating the effects of global warming.  We are now experiencing its effects but we can still do something about it.

8- It Reduces Water Pollution and Use

There are many ways with which this is possible.  One, transforming recycled materials into new products often requires less water.  Two, toxic leaks from landfills are lessened with fewer trash in them.  We all end up with healthier, cleaner and clearer water.

9- It Protects Wildlife

Because there is lesser need to harvest the forests of its riches – trees, that is – the habitats of many wild animals are spared.  As such, we are protecting the wildlife.

10- It Creates New Demand for Recycled Products

Thanks to the ripple effect, the process of making and buying recycled products create a new demand for them.  And the good cycle of recycling starts again and again to the benefit of society and of the environment.

Keep in mind that every little paper, tin can and other junk that you recycle benefits not just you and your immediate surroundings but the national economy and international community as well.



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