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The Greenest Company of The Year

May 4, 2010

Source: Green Business League


The Green Business League recently named its Green Business of the Year among a large field of Green certified businesses.  The choice was a surprise to many because the choice was an auto recycling (salvage) company located in Park City, Illinois.  The choice of Auto Parts City was a serious decision because this company followed a basic concept promoted by the Green business League.  “Progress toward Excellence” means that there is no perfect business, but all businesses can improve their practices.  Many might choose an environmental-type business, but the effort taken to start with a problem business and take it Green is even more noteworthy.

Auto Parts City is an glowing example of environmental progress and excellence in the pursuit of a better and Greener operation.  Junk cars are likely no one’s idea of a Green program, but that can be a short-sighted attitude.  Drawing upon European advancements in salvage and recycling concepts, Auto Parts City handles all vehicles in a professional and environmentally-sound manner.

Some cars can be repaired and resold, which should be considered a form of recycling in itself.  Those cars that cannot be sold, are carefully recycled for parts to the maximum level possible.   This planned organization of this salvage process encourages customers to find parts and reduces the eventual wastes produced by old cars.  The alternative to junk car recycling is the growth of rusted cars in junk yards, fluids drained into the surrounding land, and mountains of tires that could one day catch fire.  Cars are a major environmental issue long after they pass their years of good performance. Prior to going to parts, every car is drained of fluids by a state of the art process.

Auto Parts City recovers more than 50,000 in gasoline each year.  They also recover more than 20,000 gallons of engine oil that is filtered and subsequently used to fire a CleanBurn™ furnace to heat the facility.  Transmission fluid and antifreeze are recovered, filtered, and rebottled for resale.  Tires and batteries are either sold as used parts or recycled in a variety of ways.   When a car has been recycled as much as possible; it is removed, crushed, and shredded on site.  The shredded ingredients are separated and used in the manufacture of other types of new products.  This seems to be the best way to resolved the millions of junk cars pulled off the road every year.

Even the outside furniture is a combination of old tires and plastic in a new form, and recycle bins are used throughout the facility.  Recovered gasoline is burned in the company fleet that can tolerate less than perfect octane.  Even the courtesy cars are electric, making this complex one of the most environmentally-friendly places in Park City.

This list of accomplishments are only a few of the highly-effective efforts of Auto Parts City.  These improvements makes this company an outstanding example of environmental achievement and the best example of a Green business reviewed by the Green Business League.  Therefore, on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2010, the Green Business League awarded Auto Parts City the Green Business of the Year.  This was a proud moment for Jay and Larry Brosten.  These brothers only regretted that their father, Hy Brosten (The “Original” Recycler) had passed away a few weeks prior to this Green award.

The Green Business League is very please to award the Platinum level for the Green Business Certification of Auto Parts City, and to name this business as the GBL Green Business of the year.


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